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Digital Shower

You can buy digital showers, the latest innovation in shower design and technology, in pumped or un pumped and electric or mixer models.

The water in a digital shower comes from a small processor box, which mixes hot and cold water to the desired temperature thermostatically (meaning no nasty temperature spikes when someone switches the cold tap on in the kitchen).The processor box can be hidden out of sight rather than being stored in the shower enclosure itself, with the water flowing to the shower head via the riser rail, the wall or the ceiling. This also means you don’t have to drill through existing tiles.

If you buy a digital shower with wireless or Bluetooth technology, you can install the control unit up to 10 metres away, which means you can switch it on and get the water hot before stepping in, or place it at a height that’s convenient to you. Digital shower control units also allow you to pre-program the water temperature – so you don’t have to fiddle around with the temperature control while you’re in the shower.

Other mod-cons offered by digital showers include touch screens, LCD displays or colour-coded lighting systems that let you know when the water’s reached the desired temperature, eco settings and separate remote controls.

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