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Are you having trouble with your Kitchen Bathroom or Cloakroom Taps. No water flo, Wont turn off keeps on dripping or just wobbly. Why not try our tap repair service

Kitchen Taps Bathroom Taps and Cloak room Taps fitted and repaired.

The types of taps that we install and repair are

If you know where to turn your hot and cold water off before our plumber calls it will save us time and you money. If you have a mega Flo, combination or condenser boiler your just need to turn the main water supply off, this will also turn the hot water supply off. With standard boilers with tanks in the loft area they are a bit more complicated, your have to turn the mains off and both hot and cold taps on the tank. Note please make sure all the water has drained out of all the system if you intend to cut any pipes.

If your tap has been dripping for a long time it would be better to purchase a new tap before we call, this will save us time and you money. You can always take the new one back for a refund if your old unit can be repaired. The most common fault with kitchen taps are the o ring around the spout wears out causing the water to leak onto the sink or even your worktop. Most Cartridges are available from most plumbers merchants although they are all different sizes, so we advise you take the old cartridges and tap top (handle) with you, only if you intend repairing yourself.

Most Units can be fitted within 1 hour the average cost of fitting a bathroom/ kitchen or sink tap is £89 plus any other parts used, some extra pipe work may be required, we tend to use in line isolators and flexible pipes to your new taps as they are quicker to fit and therefore saving time and money.

We can supply and fit most tap washers and cartridges Sometimes it may be cheaper to replace the taps our fitter will advise you of the best plan of action.

Don't let your leak turn into a waterfall . Contact us now